Drawing Outdoors Class – Spring 2023

Drawing Outdoors, is the new art class that I will be teaching this spring in North Bay, Ontario. I am taking registrations now. This art class is for anyone who would like to spend time outdoors, looking, drawing (and/or painting). All are welcome to participate from experienced artists to beginners. Contact me for more information.

We will meet at the Waterfront on Lake Nipissing, in North Bay, to draw outdoors for two hours once a week for four weeks. Class starts May 24th. We will observe and draw from the things around us choosing to meet together at different spots along the waterfront for each class. Guided sketches along with free drawing will allow participants to develop their creativity and awareness. We will do short sketching exercises and longer drawings using a variety of art materials.

What to bring

I encourage everyone participating to bring basic drawing materials for the first session. I also suggest bringing a light-weight foldable chair for easy carrying. Additionally, painters tape can be useful especially on windy days. This tape can also be used to create a clean border around a drawing. Of course, a full list of materials will be sent to those interested in participating.

I have been doing a lot of drawing and painting outdoors myself and as part of my one-on-one art mentoring sessions. I am inspired to invite more people to join in this art practise with me. By meeting to make art together outdoors at the waterfront, we will share our experience of art making with others.

Making art is many things including a way of observing and appreciating our environment. Those who want to practise being more present and aware may find drawing a way to do this. I emphasize the creative process in my art sessions and the drawings that result are wonderfully satisfying. Besides having a souvenir of our time spent, these drawings can serve as visual reminders of a place explored and the momentum we need for going forward in our creative practice. Furthermore, our lives are richer for our experiences and even deeper when we share these experiences with others.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso